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Teachers Union Exposed in Shock Scandal – Look Who Their Official Called “Gluttons and Thieves”


In the aftermath of the October 7th attack, progressive Democrats have criticized Israel, siding with pro-Palestinian forces. This has led, in some areas, to a growing hostility toward Jewish people, including American citizens.

A rift has grown between moderate Democrats and far-left progressives, who side with those who want Israel gone.

But it appears to be getting worse. A Maryland teacher, and member of one of the largest teachers unions in America, posted a shocking message outing local Jewish citizens. And what she called for could put many in danger.

From Daily Wire:
A Maryland teacher is on leave while the school system investigates her for a string of anti-Semitic social media posts that included creating a list of wealthy Jews in her county, claiming they horde wealth while contributing nothing to society, and calling for “class war.”

Angela Wolf heads the English Language Development department of Takoma Park Middle School. She recently was removed from her position (temporarily), after a number of posts she made came to light.

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, she has frequently posted anti-Israel messages. In one post, she appeared to be accusing Israel of attacking babies in a NICU hospital. She supported bus drivers who refused to aid “Zionists” attending a pro-Israel rally. Wolf accused Israel of committing “genocide.”

These do not appear to be new sentiments. In 2020, she posted the names of local members of her county, including Jewish Americans. She accused these wealthy Jewish residents of “abusing workers” to become rich. She also claimed they had not “invented anything useful” and were “gluttons and thieves.”

In response to criticism, she wrote “No war but class war!” It is not a stretch to assume this teacher is a far-left socialist, who possibly harbors anti-Semitic views. It is a wonder why it took three years (since her 2020 posts) for the school to realize Wolf held to these shocking views.

Her union has been described as a “far-left organizing group” that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Groups that prioritize “DEI” goals have been the most vocal in recent days in opposing Israel.

Far-left progressives have sided with Palestinian groups, many of which call for Israel’s destruction. Moderate Democrats, including many companies, have been forced to withdraw support from progressive groups over this, including Black Lives Matter.

It is uncertain whether or not the school administration will fire Wolf.

Source: Daily Wire