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Texas Judge Strikes Down Liberal Holy Grail – Democrats Immediately Decry Major Ruling, Vow to Defy Law


What’s Happening:

Democrats still can’t recover from the historic Supreme Court ruling from last year. That ruling gave the states the power to decide if abortion is legal. This means, American citizens can decide if they want abortion legal in their states–since they have the power to elect pro-life or pro-choice leaders.

But Democrats don’t want that. They demand that all states embrace abortion. And they hoped that the so-called “abortion pill” would be a loophole that allowed women to get abortions in red states. Texas had other plans, banning the first pill used in the process, called mifepristone. Now, Democrats are having a full-scale meltdown.

From CNBC:

A federal judge in Texas on Friday suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the abortion pill mifepristone nationwide, but delayed the ruling from taking effect for a week to give the Biden administration time to appeal.

This ruling means the pill is no longer approved in any state. That’s good news, since evidence suggests that the pills used to trigger an abortion can be harmful to the woman, as well as the unborn child.

As you can imagine, Biden is scrambling.

From CNBC:

The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday asked a federal appeals court to keep the abortion pill mifepristone on the U.S. market as litigation plays out, and indicated that it may ask the Supreme Court to intervene in the case, days after a federal judge suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the medication nationwide.

The battle could reach the Supreme Court. Democrats should pray that it doesn’t. Because the conservative majority will happily side with this Texas judge. There is enough information for any reasonable person to believe mifepristone is dangerous.

The FDA rushed approval years ago, on pressure from abortion lobbyists. The only reason anyone in America wants this drug to stay on the market is so women can take poison that kills a living fetus. Democrats don’t even care that it can harm the woman taking it.

As you can imagine, drug companies that get rich off of our pain and suffering are trying to find ways of saving this drug.

From CNN:

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and dozens of other biotech and pharmaceutical company leaders have signed an open letter in support of the US Food and Drug Administration’s authority “to approve and regulate safe, effective medicines for every American” after Friday’s decision by a Texas district court judge to halt the agency’s approval of mifepristone, one of the medications used in abortion procedures.

Right. Pfizer is claiming this drug that is so lethal it can trigger an abortion is “safe” and “effective.” This is the same company that is pushing the COVID vaccine, which has been shown to show serious side effects for many people.

Something tells me that we shouldn’t side with the greedy corporations that earn trillions from our sicknesses and problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • A federal judge in Texas ruled to ban the first part of the “abortion pill” mifepristone.
  • Biden’s DOJ is suing to get the pill approved again.
  • Democrats are using the pill as a loophole in red states that have banned abortion.