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The “GFY” Movement Is Here….And Necessary


WARNING: I’m going to issue a warning right off the bat with this article — if you don’t like bad language, don’t read any farther. Fair, enough?


For everyone else, and for those of you who realize that language plays a key role in expressing ideas and even shifting culture when used correctly, then this is for you.

The “Go Fuck Yourself” Movement is upon us, and quite frankly it’s high time.

For YEARS and DECADES even, the Conservatives have been more “Church Lady” than street fighter.

So polite.

So proper.

So reserved.

And we’ve been walked all over.

We didn’t stand up and fight for our values, and now they’re gone.

We didn’t stand up and fight for our kids, and they got masked and jabbed.

We didn’t stand up and fight for ourselves, and many of US got masked and jabbed against our will by our employers.

So now?

Now the time to say, “Excuse me but Go Fuck Yourself” is upon us.

And I’m here to cheer it on.

Let me show you what I mean….

There are four men (yes, actual MEN) leading the way and showing us how it’s done, and that would be Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and Dana White.

I’d say that’s keeping good company, wouldn’t you?

It of course started with Elon Musk’s infamous moment on stage telling Disney’s Bob Iger he can go Fuck Himself:

But then we had President Trump posting this incredible clip of Dana White doing the same thing to one of his big sponsors:

Here’s what I wrote on X:

We have sat back and “taken it” for far too long.

Tucker, Trump, Dana and Elon are showing us the way to stop being doormats…..you may not like the language, but it’s time we started telling the Far Left Demons to “GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

Say it early and say it often!

Add in Joe Rogan too!

And here’s Tucker with his own “Go Fuck Yourself” to MediaMatters:

Kyle Becker over at the Politics Brief had great coverage:

“I mean, I’ve interviewed people every week for over 30 years, and I know I have a lot of experience interviewing people and I’ve interviewed Elon and I don’t understand how the New York Times character, if I see a little guy from the New York Times, how did you not laugh?” he asked with a chortle. “Like, what?! He just told Bob Iger to f*** himself!”

When asked to remark on Elon Musk’s criticism of people who care about ‘looking good, while doing evil,’ his response was even more amusing.

“It was like the hand of God massaging my central nervous system like, every erogenous zone, which is heightened awareness,” he said enthusiastically, drawing laughs from the hosts.

“So dirty. I’m sorry,” Tucker carried on. “No, but I so vehemently agree and I don’t even like electric cars. I don’t think they help the environment. I didn’t even agree with that part. I just love his point, which is the point, which is what actually matters is what you do. It’s not what you think. What matters is helping other people.”

Tucker recently made remarks about advertising’s influence on news coverage. Kanekoa the Great gave the breakdown.

“Tucker highlights Big Pharma, constituting 75% of TV ads in 2020, then delves into COVID, lockdowns, mRNA shots, January 6th, and the War in Ukraine” KTG said on X.

“It not only exists, it defines news coverage. Especially on pharma because pharma is the biggest advertiser on television. If Pfizer is sponsoring your show, you are not going to question the vax… And that’s why they are the biggest advertiser. So they can shape news coverage.”

“Tucker explains that he was not surprised by his firing because it is implicitly understood within the industry that sharing opinions that conflict with corporate advertisers eventually gets you fired,” KTG commented.

“I had a lot of opinions that were unpopular with people who might have influenced my show getting canceled… But I was not shocked at all. You can’t give the finger to everybody and persist in a corporate job.”

“This aligns with Glenn Greenwald’s recent analysis, shared by Elon Musk, illustrating how modern journalism, once a check on established power, is now controlled by corporate advertisers,” he noted.

GFY energy:

And here’s Tucker reacting to Elon (so good):

So who would you like to tell it to?

I’d like to personally say GO FUCK YOURSELF to:

Mark Zuckerberg


Google Ad Network


Almost every Airline and their NAZI employees

Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Ronna Romney McDaniel

Nikki Haley

Chris Christie

Karl Rove (and his stupid white board)

Fox News

And that’s just for starters!

I don’t want to take up the whole list, who would YOU like to add?

Drop a comment below, let’s build the biggest list we can!