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WATCH: Legendary Comedian Dave Chappelle RESPONDS To Anti-Trump Heckler


Dave Chappelle is probably my favorite comedian.

The legendary stand-up comic seems to be getting more based with each passing year as he throws barbs at the increasingly unhinged woke narratives and morass our country finds itself in.

Even though Chappelle has been somewhat critical of President Trump in the past, and is a lifelong Democrat, he has exposed numerous truths about the awful direction America has taken.

One anti-Trump heckler at a recent Chappelle stand-up show sought to steal the thunder and asked the comedian “What the fu*k are you going to do if Trump gets re-elected?”

Following a short pause, the world-famous comic responded with a short, hilarious response. Watch the moment it happened below:

This isn’t the first time Chappelle offered his based takes on President Trump, even though the comedian is not exactly a fan of America’s 45th President.

CNN provided part of the monologue Chappelle recently gave on the topic of Trump:

“I’m just being honest with you, I live in Ohio amongst the poor whites,” he said, adding, “A lot of you don’t understand why Trump was so popular (and) … very loved.”

Chappelle — who acknowledged in his monologue that he’s a Democrat — then delivered a comedic explanation for why Trump is adored by his followers.

He joked that Trump was an “honest liar” who told the unvarnished truth about a system set up to help the rich and powerful.

And he recounted how Trump openly admitted as much during a 2016 campaign debate: “He said, ‘I know the system is rigged because I use it.’ ”

Vernon Jones had this to say about the recent picture Chappelle took with Rep. Lauren Boebert  (R-CO) and Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) in which he remarked: “It’s always a “Yuge” let down when liberal White democrats see another Black voter leave Democrat Slave Plantations.

The nerve of Black voters thinking for themselves. It’s the birthright of White liberal supremacists to think for Black folk. Welcome to freedom Dave Chappelle, and thank you for freeing other Black voters too. It’s killing White liberal bigots like Ryan Shead.”

The Huffington Post claimed that Chappelle felt that he was taken advantage of by posing with Boebert and Luna in the photo, even though nothing said in Boebert’s photo caption mischaracterizes his views:

He said during his standup act at Capital One Arena in Washington that he granted the photo request by Boebert for a human moment to bridge the political divide but felt “blindsided” by her, according to a progressive influencers’ blog.

“It’s a shame she tricked me,” Chappelle said, according to Call to Activism. “I had two tickets to ’Beetlejuice’ and I was going to give her one!”