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Top Biden Official Hit with Nasty Scandal – And the GOP Demands 1 Costly Punishment


Back in May, Senate leaders rejected one of Biden’s picks to lead a federal agency. Republicans raised ethical concerns after the candidate’s history of activism came to light.

She was picked to lead the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration but had a history of suing oil companies. Biden pulled her name from consideration, but to this day, she is still leading this agency.

Now, Republicans are outraged that Biden is seemingly violating the Constitution. And they are pulling out a nuclear option to shut down this White House trend.

From Fox News:
A top Biden administration official overseeing a key part of the White House’s climate agenda, but who is facing a congressional ethics probe, may soon have her entire taxpayer-funded salary stripped…

“President Biden’s illegal appointment of Ann Carlson, who was effectively rejected by the Senate due to concerns about her extreme agenda and radical record, will only yield more mandates, higher costs for families and a less vibrant economy,” Cruz told Fox News Digital last month.

In a pattern that is becoming increasingly common within this administration, Biden pulled Ann Carlson’s name for consideration to lead the NHTSA. But she remains the de facto leader of that agency–since Biden’s left her as “acting administrator.”

It appears Biden has done this several times. After several of his nominees failed to be approved by the Senate, he’s left them in place as “acting” leaders. Federal agencies normally have a deputy administrator lead while the Senate confirms the new head.

But Biden seems to be exploiting this as a loophole to get his people into positions, without constitutionally-mandated Senator approval.

In response, Republicans are mulling a rule change that will revoke Ann Carlson’s salary. If successful, she will not be paid–despite holding this position in the federal government.

Sen. Cruz slammed Biden for his “illegal” appointment of Carlson. He accused her of having an “extreme agenda and radical record.” Carlson, like several other Biden officials, has a background of far-left activism, especially in the area of environmentalism.

It appears Carlson has been actively engaged in climate activism, helping cities and counties sue oil companies for big bucks. The Senate rejected her for a position within the DOT, believing her political views would be harmful to the agency’s mission.

Despite this, Biden has kept her in power–in what critics consider a gross violation of the Constitution. It remains to be seen whether she will remain in that job, should her salary be revoked.

Source: Fox News