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Woke Target CEO Attacks His Own Customers – You Won’t Believe What He Just Called You!


In the wake of the Bud Lights trans boycott, mega-retailer Target stumbled into its own controversy. Customers were outraged that, for “pride” month, the company featured trans clothing alongside children’s clothing.

Stores scrambled to avoid another boycott, which could cripple them during this poor economic season. They moved that clothing to the back of the store and downplayed this year’s “pride” marketing.

Now, the company’s CEO is commenting on the entire controversy. Instead of staying quiet and moving on, he made an accusation against customers who were threatening a boycott.

From Daily Wire:
“We’ve seen natural disasters, the impact of COVID, some of the violence that took place after George Floyd’s murder, but I would tell you, what I saw back in May, is the first time since I’ve been in this job where I had store members saying, ‘It’s not safe to come to work,’” the CEO claimed, adding that angry customers were engaged in “very aggressive behavior at store-level, lots of threats,” and “destroyed products.”

In a move that will surely spark new calls for a boycott, Target CEO Brian Cornell accused customers angry over the trans clothing were worse than the George Floyd riots. He claimed he had never heard store members fearing for their safety until customers voiced complaints against the “pride” merchandise.

During the George Floyd riots, violent protesters stormed retail stores. They looted, smashed windows, and burned down buildings. In many parts of the country, communities were brought to their knees, due to unchecked vandalism and rioting.

Yet Cornell is claiming that customers upset about trans clothing marketed towards children was worse than that.

Target, according to the CEO, is still suffering from declining sales. This is probably due in part to ongoing boycotts from angry customers. Despite this, he is seemingly encouraging more of the same by slandering what is a large customer base.

Missing from Cornell’s complaints were the bomb threats against stores in at least five states from LGBT figures–angry that Target moved the trans merchandise. Are a few angry customers yelling at workers worse than bomb threats?

Apparently, according to Cornell.

When Bud Light lost billions over its boycott, the CEO of its parent company made things worse by apologizing to the LGBT community. He ignored complaints from customers to continue to cater to the leftist group.

Cornell might have just done the same for Target.

Source: Daily Wire