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Trump Drops Major Bombshell After Trial – Donald Unloads Explosive New Accusations


Former President Donald Trump continued his fight against more legal accusations against him. He is facing a defamation trial where writer E. Jean Carroll is seeking millions of dollars in damages.

In any trial, attorneys must be calculating when they put a witness on the stand. Carroll’s attorneys may be reconsidering their preparation after their client took the stand and faced off against Trump’s team.

The furor that erupted during Carroll’s testimony sent shock waves through the courtroom. Trump laid it all out after the trial shut down for the day. He declared it an amazing day at the trial on Truth Social and called out Carroll’s own words.

From the Washington Examiner:
“We learned that E. Jean Carroll is no ‘baby,’” Trump wrote. “She admitted on the stand to deleting massive amounts of evidence, under subpoena, which is a crime. Based on that alone, both this trial and the first trial should be immediately dismissed!”

Trump expanded on his claims by noting that Carroll “admitted to having a gun without a license” and also to buying bullets for a rifle, not a handgun. Trump described her testimony as not making sense and that her lawyers were upset.

The stunning revelations followed a contentious hearing on Wednesday when the judge in the case scolded Trump for his behavior in the courtroom. The judge said Trump’s right to be present in the courtroom could be forfeited. And Trump responded in true Trump fashion.

“I would love it,” Trump quipped. “I would love it.”

The current proceeding is being held to determine how much money Trump must pay Carroll in damages. A jury previously found him liable for defamation after he denied Carroll’s allegations of sexual assault.

Trump is knee-deep in this trial and multiple others dealing with civil issues or accusing him of alleged crimes. With each case Trump’s standing in the 2024 GOP primary seems to grow, along with his projections for winning the presidential election in November.

Source: Washington Examiner