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Trump Drops Sledgehammer on Protesters – These 4 Words Are Just Pure Fire


The anti-Israel movement that started after the October 7th attack has ramped up in recent weeks. College students, helped it seems by pro-Palestinian forces, have been illegally occupying campuses.

The protesters have been chanting pro-Hamas slogans, while openly calling for hostility against Jewish students and Americans.

Even Democrats are denouncing this movement as antisemitic. Colleges are being forced to call in police to clear away these campers, who some believe are being helped by foreign entities. Now, Republican candidate for president issued a statement about these protests.

From Fox News:
Former President Trump weighed in on Monday about the anti-Israel demonstrations that are roiling U.S. college and university campuses…

“Stop the protests now!!!” Trump said in an all-caps post.

The post comes as the number of students and antisemitic agitators arrested at the nationwide demonstrations approached 900 since New York police removed an anti-Israel protest encampment at Columbia University on April 18…

Hundreds of protesters were arrested at various college campuses across the U.S. on Saturday, Sunday and into Monday morning as the disruptive demonstrations continued over the weekend.

Donald Trump took to TRUTH Social to denounce the protests happening on campuses across America. With just four words, he demanded these anti-Israel and largely antisemitic protests to end. He simply stated, in all caps: “STOP THE PROTESTS NOW!!!”

For months, Democrats and college presidents tolerated this movement, where college-age progressives protested Israel. These students have echoed claims and propaganda from Palestinians and anti-Israel groups like Hamas. Liberals seemed to ignore it, claiming they were only defending Palestinian civilians.

But many of those camping out on college campuses have been spreading dangerous rhetoric against Jewish people, including fellow students. Some signs and chants have called for violence against those un-connected to the war. This has led Democrats like New York Mayor Eric Adams to accuse this movement of antisemitism.

Others fear these encampments are being funded by outside groups, given how fast they have sprung up—using the same tents and slogans. Trump’s call for them to end is being shared by many Americans, including city leaders who have sent in police.

Source: Fox News