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Minutes After AOC Goes After Police Officers – The NYPD Blindsides Her with Blue Power


The anti-Israel agitators on college campuses ramped up their aggression this week and gained support from the highest levels of Democrat political leadership. Leftists in office attacked school administrators and law enforcement for trying to quell the radical protesters spewing hate.

This appears to be the tactic of the overall movement. They have disrupted, even to the point of violence, the higher education system across the country. And the protesters are being bolstered by politicians in powerful positions.

Leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) went on the political warpath Thursday by demonizing law enforcement response to the anti-Israel protesters. She went viral on social media when she called the NYPD “violent” in its attempts to control the wild protesters. AOC was met with a harsh response.

From The Daily Wire:
“Columbia decided to hold its students accountable to the laws of the school,” stated NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell. “They are seeing the consequences of their actions. Something these kids were most likely never taught.

“I was with those ‘units’ last Thursday that you describe as having, ‘the most violent reputations.’ These ‘units’ removed students with great care and professionalism, not a single incident was reported.

“The only incidents that day on campus were the student’s hateful anti-Semitic speech and vile language towards our cops. You should rethink your comments to a simple thank you to the NYPD and hate has no place in our society.”

The NYPD response was prompted by another leftist-fueled verbal attack from AOC through her X account. She openly supported the Jewish-hating agitators on college campuses while questioning the officers trying to make sure far-left extremists did not become violent.

“Not only did Columbia make the horrific decision to mobilize NYPD on their own students, but the units called in have some of the most violent reputations on the force,” AOC claimed. “NYPD had promised the city they wouldn’t deploy SRG [Strategic Response Group] to protests.

Chell said AOC should get in the middle of the protests and hear for herself the remarks of “pure hatred” coming from the protesters. NYPD Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry challenged AOC for questioning the motives of police and said students have a right to go to school “without being harassed, threatened, intimidated or assaulted.”

“We’ve said it time and time again, the NYPD will always protect and defend your right to protest but just because you hold a sign while you’re threatening, harassing, intimidating and assaulting people doesn’t give you a free pass from criminal conduct,” Daughtry continued. “Being anti-Semitic and spewing hate to kids will never ever be tolerated in our city.”

The hope is that the NYPD will stand its ground and leftist sympathizers like AOC will fade away.

Source: The Daily Wire