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Trump Just Turned the Tables in Federal Court – This Could Shut Down the Entire Case


Biden’s Department of Justice appointed Jack Smith as special counsel to investigate Donald Trump. Many critics claimed Smith, a Democrat, was unfit to do the job thanks to his history of anti-Trump comments.

Republicans and other pundits have claimed Smith’s indictments against Trump are politically motivated. Some Americans believe this is all being done to influence the election.

The judge overseeing one of the cases issued a pause on legal filings. Despite this, Smith defied the court’s orders and filed a gage order against Trump. Now, the former president’s legal team is fighting back.

From The Post Millennial:
Former President Donald Trump and his team filed a motion to hold special counsel Jack Smith in contempt of court on Thursday in the case relating to the 2020 election and January 6.

“All substantive proceedings in this court are halted. Despite this clarity, the prosecutors began violating the stay almost immediately,” wrote attorney John Lauro in the motion.

Judge Tanya Chutkan issued a pause on legal filings in the January 6 case against Trump. Only a few days later, Special Counsel Smith violated that pause and served “thousands of pages of additional discovery” according to Trump’s team.

He also requested the judge issue a gag order on Trump, demanding he be barred from engaging in “partisan political attacks.” That could be construed as an attempt to prevent Trump from campaigning, which would require him to criticize his political opponents.

It is possible Jack Smith was trying to push through these filings, during the court-ordered pause, in the hopes of catching Trump’s team off guard. While they were respecting the judge’s order, the special counsel was rushing documents through.

Trump’s team wants Smith to be held in contempt of court, which would certainly undermine his case against the Republican.

Much of Smith’s allegations against Trump have been called partisan and divisive. It would be hard for anyone looking at this case to believe Smith isn’t trying to weaponize President Biden’s wild accusations against his political rival.

Source: The Post Millennial