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Trump Pulls Hero Move in Lone Star State – Here’s What Donald Did Minutes Before His Speech


During political campaigns every candidate is seeking a photo opportunity to kiss babies and shake hands. These are long-standing public interactions to help candidates gain valuable space with news media outlets.

Former President Donald Trump has been a master at photo ops and has taken them to a new level with high-intensity campaign rallies where he could be seen shaking hands with people or dancing on stage to loud, patriotic rock-and-roll music. He has added to his ability to reach everyday people by mastering viral posts across multiple social media platforms.

At times Trump has been ridiculed by the media and opponents for being too over the top in his campaign antics. But people often forget that he tends to step aside, just outside the limelight, to initiate contact with the people in ways he doesn’t expect a lot of attention.

Trump took a few moments to step up and lend a helping hand before a campaign speech in Texas. He made sure some important members of society had a good meal during the Thanksgiving season.

From the Daily Caller:
Former President Donald Trump was seen serving lunch to border agents Sunday as he returned to the US-Mexico border to promote his potential immigration plans if elected.

The lunch event included Trump serving Texas National Guard soldiers, troopers, and other workers stationed along the border ahead of Thanksgiving. Trump, who leads the Republican field for president in 2024, was in Edinburg, Texas to deliver remarks promoting his plan to secure the border as well as new operations he would like to get going if elected.

Trump was joined by Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. The governor has been an ardent supporter of Trump and his border security policies, including building a wall. The two GOP leaders passed out tacos, shook hands, and posed for pictures with attendees.

Abbott recently announced his support for Trump as president in 2024. He and Trump were set to speak to about 150 supporters in Edinburg, a town which has been overrun by the current president’s porous border policies.

Abbott has challenged the Biden administration over multiple border policies, and he has been a vocal critic about the ongoing border crisis. He has sued the Biden administration over sovereignty rights to defend the border, and the Republican led Texas House of Representatives passed an immigration bill as a stinging rebuke of Biden’s actions. The bill passed at the end of October and allows state law enforcement officers arrest illegal immigrants and judges can then deport them to Mexico.

Source: Daily Caller