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Trump Pulls Off $10 Billion-Dollar Victory – And Liberals Can’t Believe Donald Did It


From all appearances, Democrats are working overtime to destroy Donald Trump. They have launched numerous lawsuits against him. One of them resulted in a major fine and other outrageous penalties.

Many Americans believe Democrats are using the legal system to bleed Trump dry. Instead of focusing on his presidential campaign, he must use resources to fight these battles.

But if they think Trump is out of options, they could be sorely mistaken. The SEC just made an announcement that will have Democrats fuming. And it could give Trump a massive windfall.

From The Post Millennial:
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved a merger of former President Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, with Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC), which is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC).

There were two years of delay leading up to the deal because of an investigation into the company by regulators. Now the SEC has approved the merger of approximately $10 billion after the long wait on Wall Street, according to reporting from OANN.

After a two-year delay, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a merger of Trump’s social network with an acquisition group called Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

This merger is worth an estimated $10 billion. This will allow Trump to take TRUTH Social public in an IPO. That can result in a massive boost to the company’s wealth. The former president will own around $79 million in shares of the business.

It is likely that, once the company goes public, investors will rush to buy. That could cause the value of shares to skyrocket, providing Trump with even more wealth and resources.

With the election around the corner, TRUTH Social might play a significant role in the ongoing conversation. Investors might be looking at Trump’s odds of becoming the GOP nominee—which are very high. That could motivate them to buy into TRUTH, which will become the main platform of a top presidential candidate (and possible future president).

How will this all shake out for Trump? Nobody knows the future. But it is unlikely this won’t further advance Trump’s influence and wealth.

Source: The Post Millennial