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Vivek Ramaswamy Predicts Joe Biden’s Replacement


Vivek Ramaswamy has narrowed down Biden’s replacement to two “viable choices.”

“Look, I think that the reality is the managerial class around Biden has lost their use for him,” Ramaswamy told Fox News on Wednesday.

“This has been obvious to me since last year,” he added, referring back to past statements he made long before last Thursday’s debate about how Biden will not be the nominee.


“Play out the incentives. He is not the strongest candidate they can put up.”

“And these people, they have stopped at nothing to keep Donald J. Trump out of office. You think they’re going to stop at this step?”

Ramaswamy then revealed that the “two viable” candidates Democrats could replace Biden with are Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama.

“The Democratic Party is wedded to identity politics,” the former presidential hopeful continued. “The only reason Kamala Harris got that job, frankly, is because she was a black woman.”

“Don’t take my words. Take it from the words of the Democratic Party itself, which leaves Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama.”

“That’s where I predict this plot ends. And I don’t think it’s going to happen particularly soon. I think it’s in their incentive to wait as long as possible.”

“And that’s exactly where I think the game goes from here,” Ramaswamy said.

Trump recently blasted Harris in a leaked video, calling her “so bad” and “so pathetic.”

 The White House White House, however, dubbed the Vice President the future of the Democratic party on Wednesday during a press conference.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) brought up past remarks from Biden during the 2020 campaign where he called himself a “transition candidate” and a “bridge to the next generation of Democratic leaders.” 

KJP emphasized that Biden chose Harris to be his running mate because “she is indeed the future of the party.”

Democratic National Committee (DNC) member James Zogby echoed this sentiment earlier this week by telling CNN that Harris would have a better chance “to show her stuff” if Biden would step down promptly.

“I think she would win,” Zogby expressed to the outlet. “But it would be a process where people would come out of it energized and excited about the outcome.”

Bill O’Reilly has suggested, however, that Michelle–though a “mystery”–would be the Democrat’s best bet over Harris for a “slide-in” candidate when replacing Biden.

“But first, the K Street Democrats in DC have to quietly float replacement names with the top liberal media moguls,” he penned.

“Something as monumental as this is not done spontaneously. The liberal media and Hollywood money people will have input.”

Tucker Carlson argued this week that Michelle would not seek to help Biden during this chaotic time because of an alleged rift between her family and his.

“At times they’ve been hostile,” he posted of the two families on Monday.

Michelle has notably not campaigned for Biden yet because she reportedly did not appreciate how Biden’s family treated her friend Kathleen Buhle during her messy divorce from Hunter.

Michelle allegedly told others that the Biden family wronged her friend and blamed Buhle for some of the lurid details of Hunter’s behavior becoming public, TTOA previously reported.

 White House spokesman Andrew Bates, however, denied any rift between Michelle and the Biden family.

“The Biden and Obama families are like family to each other, and whomever made these claims about that relationship isn’t familiar with it,” he stated.

“The former President and First Lady have been two of the strongest supporters of President Biden’s leadership and agenda.”