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KJP Knocked Off Her Feet by WH Reporters – They Just Left Her Speechless


The fallout from Biden’s disastrous debate performance is ongoing. Democrats are reportedly pressuring the president to drop out. Only his family (and people on his payroll) are urging him to stay in the race. But it seems like this White House is falling apart.

After hiding for days, he made an appearance to the press. Not a good idea for a man who is allegedly suffering from dementia. He appeared before reporters this week to give unplanned remarks on a Supreme Court ruling. And in just five minutes, he may have done more damage.

From Daily Caller:
The 24 hours after a noticeably more orange President Joe Biden addressed the public for five minutes and left without answering questions have not gone well…

The president, seemingly more tan, gave unplanned remarks on Monday to address the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity.

Biden fumbled in just a five-minute statement, where he attacked the courts and Trump. He refused to answer any questions. That came as wild reports flooded in about what was happening in the White House. Democrats are panicking. For some reason Hunter Biden is interfering with official meetings.

All that was put on Karine Jean-Pierre’s plate as reporters demanded an answer. KJP is known for her dismissive, unprofessional reactions to reporters’ questions. She is often unprepared and leaves pressers without answering questions. But this time, she could not just run out of the room, not after what Biden did.

Sadly, this White House official did not handle this press conference well.

From Daily Caller:
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seemed to snap at Newsmax White House correspondent James Rosen as he shouted out a question about President Joe Biden’s cognitive health…

“Is he disabled? Is the president disabled?” Rosen asked.

“No, and let me finish with your colleague, please,” she said. “I know, but shouting out, come on. You know better. You know better. Come on.”

Karine Jean-Pierre struggled to answer questions from the usually compliant White House press corp. They pressed her to respond to Biden’s horrible performance during the debate. She made the same unreliable claim, that Biden was just “tired” from a “cold.” It doesn’t seem that anyone is buying that claim.

Medical experts are now claiming he’s suffering from Parkinson’s or another degenerative disease. A “cold” won’t explain all that away. When one reporter became particularly pushy, KJP seemed to snap. The White House press secretary has a long history of talking down to reporters. But it seems she has lost control of the room—and the narrative.

Americans are outraged that the White House has not been honest about Biden’s health. Anyone can look at Joe and know something isn’t right. Yet the administration keeps pretending as if he’s fine, even though they keep him locked away most of the time—and are even having other men campaign for him.

The pressure for the White House to come clean will only grow. Biden has to make more public appearances if he wants to win the election. And that will only give America more opportunities to see his cognitive decline.

UPDATE: Jean-Pierre appeared the next day to face the reporters, and they boldly challenged her even more and she humiliated.

Source: Daily CallerDaily Caller