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WATCH: Fani Willis Caught In Yet Another MASSIVE Lie


Trump-hating prosecutor Fani Willis has been caught in yet another massive lie.

Ashleigh Merchant, the attorney for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, recently exposed Fani Willis for having met with Vice President Kamala Harris at her private residence.

Sources say that Willis attended a party hosted by Black Entertainment Television (BET) and Harris that was purportedly meant to celebrate young black leaders. Over 400 individuals were reportedly at the party.

The evidence submitted by attorney Ashleigh Merchant, in the form of White House visitor logs, directly contradicts Willis’ earlier testimony that she did not visit the White House when she was in Washington DC.

Parties and social events can, and do, serve as backdrops to discuss business and collaborate with others.

Just because Willis was at a party does not mean she wasn’t discussing business or colluding with Harris, though some mainstream outlets will tell you that her appearance at the party was innocent and benign. Viva Frei writes:

“This means that Fani not only lied under oath but lied about having visited the White House because she was clearly colluding with the Biden administration in the political persecution of Trump et al.

This is beyond disqualification for a conflict of interest. This is government election interference. This is lightyears beyond the Russia-gate hoax. This is pure criminality that attacks the very fabric of these United States of America.

The irony is that Fani didn’t even have to answer the question because there was an objection.

But she was too eager to lie to cover up not only her wrongdoing, but that of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as well. This is a scandal of astonishing proportions.”

Newsweek attempted to spin the story:

Merchant’s description of the event may give the impression that there was a direct meeting with Harris and Dickens at the White House.

Although Dickens was at the event, the public record does not show that he attended with Willis or had a conversation with Willis and Harris.

While it’s possible that Willis could have spoken with Harris during the event, any notion this was a private face-to-face meeting with the vice president at the White House appears to be misleading.

Writer and legal analyst Phil Holloway presented the moment attorney Ashleigh Merchant provided the receipts that directly contradicted Willis’ testimony.

Washington Examiner also noted:

Wade previously billed Willis’s office $2,000 for an interview he had with “DC/ White House” attorneys on Nov. 18, 2022, according to his billing records.

Willis has denied ever traveling with Wade the Washington, D.C. while the pair have worked together.