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Woke Google Turns Against Its Own Workers – You Won’t Believe What They Did


It is common knowledge at this point that Internet giant, Google, promotes some of the most progressive ideology in America. Whistleblowers from years past revealed the company embraces far-left views like transgenderism and beyond.

We should not be surprised to learn that many of its employees are the most “woke” progressives in the company.

But it looks like all that leftist love came back biting the company in the rear end. Anti-Israel progressives “occupied” the office of one of Google’s top executives. They demanded the company stop working with Israel. And, in a shocking moment of irony, Google had to lay down the law.

From Daily Wire:
Google employees who occupied the California office of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian for more than eight hours to demand the company stop doing business with Israel were arrested late Tuesday.

The employees broadcast their protest on a “notech4apartheid’ Twitch livestream. The video showed they given the opportunity to leave voluntarily, and then arrested by police after refusing to do so…

Demands also include that Google cease all “business with the Israeli apartheid government and military,” stop the “harassment, intimidation, bullying, and silencing,” of Palestinian and Muslim employees, and address the “health and safety crisis” among workers who are rattled over their labor being used to “enable a genocide.”

A group of leftist employees stormed the office of Google executive Thomas Kurian for over eight hours. These progressives were demanding Google end its business relationship with Israel, which they accused of being an “apartheid” state.

As usual, progressives are spreading anti-Israel propaganda which has been cooked up by Palestinian groups like Hamas. What is ironic about this situation is that Google has, for years, fanned the flames of woke idiocy within its own organization.

They have pushed out good workers who simply questioned woke propaganda and rewarded radical activists, like the very ones who disrupted Kurian’s workday. The executive informed them that they were put on “administrative leave” and brought in police to arrest them.

Perhaps some will think Google was being hypocritical, arresting liberals whose views they’ve long embraced. Leftists will no doubt be outraged that Google arrested anti-Israel protesters. What is clear is that these kinds of “occupations” might continue in the future.

Source: Daily Wire