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Woke Target Just Got Even Worse – Check Out Their Sick New Christmas Ornament


Since the summer of 2023, Target has faced ongoing boycotts by many customers. It started with a “pride month” campaign, which sold trans-friendly clothing alongside children’s bathing suits.

Reports suggest the company has continued to lose money, due to a variety of factors (including rising crime in blue cities).

Many conservatives have vowed not to shop at the store chain again, due to the company’s apparent “woke” agenda. Now, many more might consider a boycott, after Target released this product.

From The Post Millennial:
It’s beginning to look a lot like woke Christmas at Target as the mega-retailer had launched some new Christmas trinkets featuring a Santa Claus in a wheelchair.

While there’s no indication how a wheelchair-bound Santa would make his way down a chimney, nor a clear understanding of what Santa should do if chimneys aren’t ADA compliant, the Santa figures do come in a variety of flesh tones for max diversity representation. Skin tones come in “light” or “deep.”

With the holidays around the corner, and stores desperate to make money as inflation continues, Target risks a larger boycott with the release of an odd Christman decoration. The store is selling a figurine of Santa Claus, in a wheelchair.

The character comes either black or white, holding a gift in his arms. It’s unclear why Santa Claus should be depicted in a wheelchair, other than assuming Target is trying to increase “representation” by suggesting this version of Santa has special needs.

Customers might think of this as progressive wokeness gone out of control. For years, PC companies have showcased Santa Claus with white and black skin, perhaps to appeal to both white and black children.

It’s unclear how putting Santa in a wheelchair will do anything to inspire special needs customers or children.

The Santa Claus character is a cherished part of the Christmas holiday for many families. He is known to fly around the world on Christmas Eve night, delivering toys to good children. Santa climbs down chimneys to put gifts beneath children’s trees, eating the milk and cookies left for him.

A Santa Claus in a wheelchair appears to undermine that entire idea. But it makes sense, to woke corporate executives who think this will pander to people who claim the wheelchair-bound are “underrepresented” in popular culture.

How well this figurine will sell, remains to be seen.

Source: The Post Millennial