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Woke View Hosts Betray Biden on Live TV – They Just Exposed Joe’s Biggest Weakness


Against all odds and common sense, people still watch The View. This daytime talk show is hosted by mostly liberal women who are known for spouting extreme leftist views. Very often, they get into trouble for their bogus hot takes.

They are best known for hating Donald Trump—and blindly propping up President Biden.

But recently, they showed how scared they were of a Trump 2024 nomination. It would mean that Biden will debate the former president. Most of the hosts don’t want Joe to go up against Trump. And they torched Joe explaining why.

From The Post Millennial:
On Monday the hosts from “The View” discussed their fears over not wanting former President Donald Trump to debate President Joe Biden because it would “legitimize” Trump and Biden might “flub” during debate…

Joy Behar interjected then calling out her worry that Biden may “flub” in a potential debate.

“If Biden flubs, they’ll be all over him. If Trump flubs who cares?” Behar added.

The View hosts admitted their fears that Biden is not cognitively fit for office. They claimed Joe Biden shouldn’t debate a candidate Trump, because it would “legitimize” the Trump campaign.

However, the real reason they don’t want Biden debating Trump is because the Democrat might “flub.”

Biden flubbing is all but a certainty, based on what we’ve seen from him. Even when he tried to defend himself from reports that his memory is declining, Biden couldn’t perform. Many Americans believe he is suffering from some form of cognitive decline.

Going up against Trump would be a major problem for the Biden campaign. Trump would be merciless in his attacks. And Biden could easily crumble.

We shouldn’t be surprised if Biden’s campaign refuses to debate Trump, should the Republican win the nomination. They’ll make the same excuse as some of these hosts, that Biden refuses to “legitimize” a man they accuse of various crimes.

Despite this, most voters will surely assume that Biden is trying to avoid as much time in the spotlight as possible. We might see a repeat of 2020, when the Biden campaign kept him hidden, releasing carefully edited pre-recorded videos.

Will that pass muster this time around? That is unknown. But Biden’s campaign can’t afford more gaffes in public.

Source: The Post Millennial