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After Blue State City Says It Wants to Secede – Trump Gets a Massive Campaign Boost


The neighborhood of Buckhead has long chafed at the increasingly liberal-slide of the city of Atlanta. The once-proud city has succumbed to the same kind of Democrat policies that are destroying New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Buckhead has tried to secede from the city and establish its own municipality. But it has failed, as it appears it needs support from Atlanta’s liberal leadership.

It appears Trump saw this as a big opportunity. He attended a fundraiser right in the heart of Buckhead. These folks, who are sick and tired of the liberal government of Atlanta, eagerly attended. And they sent this message to the Democratic Party.

From Fox News:
Former President Donald Trump pulled in millions at a fundraiser in a swanky neighborhood of Atlanta that has for years railed against the Democrat-led city’s spiraling crime rate and lack of support for the police – even working to secede from the city altogether over the policies…

Trump pulled in more than $15 million on Wednesday, from both the Buckhead event and another fundraiser in Orlando, a campaign official said. Guests in Buckhead spent at least $6,600 per couple, and as much as $250,000 if they wished to be part of the event’s welcoming committee, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Donald Trump pulled in $15 million from recent fundraisers in Buckhead and Orlando. Wealthy residents of the Atlanta suburb attended the event, spending upwards of $6,600 per couple. Some could have spent as much as $250,000—to be part of the welcoming committee.

This comes as residents of Buckhead suffer from Atlanta’s radical, Democrat leadership. As in other blue-leaning cities, Atlanta is seeing a spike in crime, poverty, and homelessness. Democrat district attorneys, mayors, and city councils have pushed policies that defund police departments, decriminalize shoplifting and other crimes, and ignore homelessness.

Outrage continues to grow in these cities, although it is unclear if voters will do what is necessary to fix the problems. Some Democrat leaders have been recalled or voted out. But far too many locals continue to support the very liberals who are responsible for the problems.

Source: Fox News