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Federal Judge Drops Gavel on Famous Liberal – She’s Off to Prison for 1 Despicable Crime


Around the time the Supreme Court was ruling on abortion rights, radical activists were terrorizing the country. People claiming to be part of a group called “Jane’s Revenge” infamously firebombed pro-life centers.

These far-left extremists attacked pregnancy centers, clinics, and even churches. While the DOJ was quick to prosecute J6 defendants, it seemed slow to find the people who were literally endangering Americans.

Eventually, one person was arrested in connection to these firebomb attacks. After a lengthy court process, he is finally facing justice. And it looks like the court is serving him with a strong sentence.

From The Post Millennial:
A far-left extremist that firebombed a pro-life office in Wisconsin in 2022 has been sentenced to 7.5 years in federal prison, along with three years of supervised release and a $32,000 fine.

Hindu Sankar Roychowdhury, who also holds a PhD, was arrested in March 2023 and charged with attempting to cause damage by means of fire or an explosive…

“Roychowdhury attempted to firebomb an organization to intimidate those people with views different than his. For all of the reasons described above, he should not have the chance to continue to use violence against those who disagree with him for a very long time.”

A federal court sentenced one of “Jane’s Revenge” firebombers to 7.5 years in prison as well as a $32,000 fine. The man convicted is Hindu Sankar Roychowdhury, a PhD holder. He is not the first academic with leftist views accused of violent crime.

Roychowdhury was one of many radical abortion activists who spread chaos and damage during the Spring and Summer of 2022. The Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked (a crime that has never been solved), which empowered extremists to try to intimidate the court and pro-life groups.

Numerous pro-life organizations were targeted, as were Supreme Court justices and their families. The mainstream media and the Democratic Party appeared to applaud these actions, with the DOJ seemingly doing little at the time to protect Americans.

Most of those involved have not been arrested or prosecuted. But at least one of the culprits had his day in court.

Source: The Post Millennial