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Republican Unveils New Anti-Woke Bill – It Would Strip Money from Top Liberal Holy Grail


In recent years, Republican lawmakers have successfully passed what has been called “anti-woke” laws. In many red states, they have passed laws that undermine the progressive left’s agenda in businesses, schools, and other organizations.

This has obviously outraged Democrats, who attack Republicans by claiming they are restricting Americans’ “freedoms.”

But it doesn’t look like Republicans have any intentions of slowing down. “Anti-woke” bills are apparently popular with conservatives. And members of Congress have introduced yet another. This one targets medical schools’ admissions and curriculum. If schools don’t comply with this rule, they could lose billions.

From Daily Wire:
Any medical school that has diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) incorporated in their admissions or instruction could lose access to all federal funds if a new bill set to be introduced in Congress is passed…

[The bill] would bar graduate medical schools from receiving federal funding if they have policies that deprive medical students of opportunities “on the basis of race, color, or ethnicity.”

Republicans in the House are preparing a bill that could strip federal funding from medical schools. The bill would penalize schools that implement admission policies that are based on “race, color, or ethnicity.”

A recent Supreme Court decision struck down decades of race-based admissions policies, often called “affirmative action.” The court ruled schools are not allowed to factor a student’s race in the admissions process, something that had given students of color an unfair advantage.

The bill goes further than that, however. It would take funding away from a school that requires students or faculty to agree with DEI ideology. DEI is often a code word for “woke” policies, such as social justice and “equity.”

Do you want your brain surgeon to be chosen not by the ability he showed in school but by the color of his skin? Or if he or she is identifies with a minority group?

It is unknown what chance this bill has in Congress. There could be enough Republicans to pass it in the House. But there is no way the Democrat-controlled Senate will consider this bill.

If a bill like this has a chance to pass, it won’t be until Republicans secure a majority in both chambers of Congress.

Source: Daily Wire