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Trump Gets Stunning Decision from Georgia Judge – And Fani Willis Is Fuming Mad Now


Recently, the judge overseeing Trump’s criminal trial in Georgia ruled on the conflict of interest appeal against Fani Willis. The DA was accused of inappropriate behavior when she hired her boyfriend to work on the case.

But the judge did not dismiss Willis. Instead, he just required her to fire Nathan Wade. This did not go over well with Trump and his co-defendants.

Trump’s legal team petitioned the judge to reconsider his decision. They argued that Willis and her office need to be removed from the case entirely. Now, the judge just made a decision that will outrage the Democrat prosecutor.

From Fox News:
A Georgia judge presiding over the 2020 election interference case against former President Trump announced Wednesday that Trump and his co-defendants can appeal the order that denied the disqualification of embattled DA Fani Wills…

Steve Sadow, lead counsel for the former president, said in a statement Wednesday that the judge’s decision is “highly significant.”

“The defense is optimistic that appellate review will lead to the case being dismissed and the DA being disqualified,” Sadow said.

The tide might be turning against Fani Willis, after the original decision from the court. Judge McAfee agreed that Trump’s legal team can appeal his order that allowed Willis to stay on the case.

Many Americans were shocked to learn that Willis hired her boyfriend as the lead prosecutor on the case, paying him more than experts in the field. Reports indicated that they went on luxurious trips, on his salary.

Some might fear that Willis launched this case against Trump, just to funnel money into her boyfriend’s pocket. Trump’s legal team argued the only right decision, to preserve law and justice, is to disqualify Willis over this inappropriate behavior.

Experts have weighed in, shocked at what Willis had said and done. They even suggested she could be disbarred for some of her actions. Yet the judge let her stay on this case.

It is unknown what might happen as a result of this appeal. But there is a chance Willis will be kicked off the case. And the case itself might be dismissed.

Source: Fox News