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Anti-Trump Group Exposed in Bombshell Report – And Every Republican Needs to See It


“RINO” is a term that describes Republican lawmakers who serve the party in name only while alignining themselves more with Democrats. These GOP members who are openly sympathetic to liberal efforts in government are a detriment to the country.

Many GOP supporters don’t realize that there are similar actors within the voting population of Republicans. These people claim to support GOP or conservative efforts while working behind the scenes in alignment with liberals.

Recent reports showed how Democrats are paying the way for RINO voters to spend millions to attack former President Donald Trump and upend his bid to regain the presidency. The amount of money funneled into this effort and where it came from is shocking.

From the Daily Caller:
A PAC that recently announced an ad campaign spotlighting Republicans opposed to former President Donald Trump received the majority of its funding from Democratic donors in 2023, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records.

Republican Accountability PAC, an anti-Trump political committee, received nearly 75% of its donations from just six major Democratic donors, FEC records show.

The Republican Accountability PAC recently announced its “Republican Voters Against Trump” campaign to spend $50 million across six swing states. The goal is to build an anti-Trump coalition and negatively impact his 2024 presidential election campaign.

The privacy policy on the Republican Voters Against Trump website states that the Republican Accountability PAC is its parent organization. Clicking on the “donate” link on the site redirects to the donation page for the PAC.

The plan of the anti-Trump campaign is to promote amateur testimonials, according to The Hill, filmed by people who say they previously voted for Trump but don’t plan to vote the same way this year. The Republican Voters Against Trump platform claims that it is fueled by Republicans not voting for Trump, but that claim is arguably questionable.

The parent organization, Republican Accountability PAC, is bankrolled by influential Democrat donors, according to FEC records. The donor roll is a laundry list of high-profile liberals against Trump.

Millions of dollars in 2023 donations to Republican Accountability PAC came from Defending Democracy Together. This is another anti-Trump group led by Sarah Longwell, its executive director, and Trump critic Bill Kristol, per FEC records.

The agency reported that donors to the liberal PAC included tech founder and Jeffery Epstein associate Reid Hoffman, hedge fund manager Seth Klarman, investor John Pritzker, venture capitalist Robert Stavis, financier Robert Rothhouse and NVIDIA board member Tench Coxe.

The Hill reported that states targeted by the Republican Voters Against Trump campaign will include Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Reports showed Trump leading by Biden by 1.7 points in the Real Clear Politics average of polling with the heat of the election season getting ready to kick off.

Trump faces a tough road going forward with so many wealthy liberals pledging their capitalist-fueled funds to attack him. He will need an all-out surge of support to battle the liberal fundraising machine targeting him.

Source: Daily Caller