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Watch: Here’s What Roseanne Just Told Tucker Carlson About Trump’s Generosity


Tucker Carlson recently interviewed comedian Roseanne Barr and the two outspoken personalities discussed a number of topics, including efforts by the left to cancel them both.

The conversation also touched on former President Donald Trump, whom Barr described as unlike any other celebrity she has encountered over the course of her long career.

As Salon reported:

“He’s the only guy in my Hollywood career that ever returned a favor and gave me back more than I’d given him” she says of the former president and Republican frontrunner in the 2024 presidential race.

Carlson, who was ousted from Fox News in 2023, claiming to have been fired as part of the defamation settlement between the network and Dominion Voting Systems, commiserated with Barr on their shared fall from grace, referring to Barr as “a very deep person,” and agreeing with her that their cancelations were “personal.”

The interview captured the attention of various social media users:


Of course, this wasn’t the first time she has shared kind words about the once and potentially future president.

As Newsweek reported in November:

“A dad bear, they’ll go out and kill all the others. That’s one thing and it’s cool. But Trump wraps his arms around us,” she said.

She was then asked what advice she had for the 2024 presidential hopeful.

“Laugh a little more. Have a little more fun and try to relax a little bit. More than you do. And you know, pray a little bit more. Feel the love of the people a little bit more. And I think that’ll fix him,” Barr said.

Here’s a clip of Barr at a Trump campaign rally: