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Barbra Streisand Takes Swipe At Trump’s New Venture, Backfires As Platform Skyrockets To Number One In App Store


Hollywood star Barbra Streisand tried to take a swipe at former President Donald Trump’s new social media venture, Truth Social, only to watch in horror as the app shot to the charts of Apple’s App Store.

Streisand said, taking a swipe at the Republican Party over abortion, “The GOP is systematically destroying a woman’s right to choose. They are outlawing abortion even in cases of rape and incest and before some women even know they are pregnant at 6 weeks.”

She called out Trump for having a few technical issues during Monday’s rollout of Truth Social to the general public. She said: “Trump’s new scam is called Truth Social. This is almost funny because he lies whenever he opens his mouth. It is fitting too that the app doesn’t work at its launch.”

She also praised The View Co-host Ana Navarro:

“I just love Ana Navarro. She is correct when she describes the authoritarian rot of the GOP. Witness the spineless Kevin McCarthy and his reversal on the attempted coup.”

Yesterday, Truth Social shot to number one in the Apple App Store despite the fact that many people had a hard time creating new accounts and were put on the waitlist. Former GOP Rep, Devin Nunes, now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group said he was hoping to be ‘fully operation’ by the end of March.

Nunes said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo: “This week we will begin to roll out on the Apple App Store. That’s going to be awesome because we’re going to get so many more people that are going to be on the platform.

“Our goal is, I think we’re going to hit it, I think by the end of March we’re going to be fully operational at least within the United States.”

Mental Floss says of the ‘Streisand Effect’:

Back in 2003, aerial photographer Kenneth Adelman photographed hundreds of miles of California coastline as part of a government-sanctioned effort to document coastal erosion. Of the 12,000 photographs he took and posted online, one happened to include an opulent cliffside mansion belonging to none other than Barbara Streisand.

She sued, citing privacy concerns. Not only was her suit dismissed, but the picture of her home went viral, and suddenly what had been an extremely obscure part of a giant project hidden deep within the Internet was featured on blogs everywhere, ultimately being viewed a half-million times. Thus was coined the “Streisand Effect.”

There are lots of examples of the SE in action. A pre-Internet example is banned book month, celebrating and highlighting literature that the powers that be have tried to censor.

More recently, the Wikileaks website was the targeted for takedown by government agencies; soon after, people sympathetic to their cause mirrored Wikileaks’ site across the world, making it impossible to completely remove. (It’s kind of like trying to kill a worm by chopping it in half — then you’ve got two worms.)