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Tucker Carlson Pops Up in Unexpected Location – Then the Crowd Begs for Just 1 Thing


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson appears to be enjoying more success after leaving the network. His X-exclusive show has seen hundreds of millions of views.

Rumors abound that this popular conservative could end up Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate.

Tucker is known for his unapologetic criticisms of corrupt government regimes. But he was spotted supporting an unexpected movement. And the people were calling on him for help.

From The Post Millennial:
Tucker Carlson was seen among the mass protesters in Spain on Monday. Spaniards have been taking to the streets by the millions to protest the socialist government’s deal with Catalan separatists and Basque Nationalists…

Carlson was mobbed in the streets, with one woman calling out “Tucker, help us with these motherf*ckers!”

News host Tucker Carlson was seen outside the U.S., among protesters in Madrid, Spain. Many Spaniards are increasingly opposing the leadership of their socialist leader Pedro Sanchez. Carlson was no doubt there to cover the story for his show.

But his appearance among the protesters sparked cheers and calls for help. One woman pleaded with Tucker to help them, calling the government a crude explicative.

Carlson responded to the commotion his appearance stirred. He explained his appearance there as partly support for the protesters. He said, “Anybody who would violate your constitution, potentially use physical violence to end democracy, is a tyrant, is a dictator … We thought it deserved more coverage than it’s getting.”

Spaniards are accusing Sanchez of making a deal to grant amnesty to criminals, in the hopes of protecting his regime. Critics have accused the socialist leader of buttering up the criminals and communist allies for their support.

The movement against this government appears to be growing. It seems to be coinciding with recent movements among European citizens, opposing authoritarian and socialist governments.


Citizens in Europe have a harder time opposing corruption within their governments, due to a lack of the same civil liberties Americans enjoy in the Bill of Rights. Carlson’s presence in the middle of this protest could elevate awareness of this issue, and perhaps help bring about change for the Spanish people.

How this will impact Tucker’s future in America, remains unclear.

Source: The Post Millennial