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BLM Crushed by Major Karma – They Suffer Major Loss After Backing the Wrong Horse


Numerous progressive groups have come out condemning Israel, in the aftermath of the Hamas attacks. Student groups in major U.S. universities have allied with Palestinians, seemingly making no distinction between their civilians and the terror group that killed thousands.

Many college students immediately regretted their decision, when CEOs revealed they will not hire graduates who attacked Israel and supported terrorism.

To the shock of many liberals, several Black Lives Matter chapters eagerly endorsed Hamas. The Chicago BLM even compared themselves to Palestinians and seemed to condone what Hamas did to Israelis. And now, the radical Marxist group is receiving a heavy dose of Karma.

From The Post Millennial:
Coca-Cola has been a financial sponsor of Black Lives Matter for years, however, references to its support of the organization appeared to have vanished from its website in light of recent posts shared by the group siding with Hamas.

BLM Chicago and an organizer from Los Angeles are among those associated with the purported civil rights group to have publicly voiced support for the Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist group following its latest wave of violence.

Black Lives Matter chapters didn’t merely issue statements backing Palestinian civilians. They posted statements in which they associated with the “oppressed” people group and called the horrific acts of Hamas all but necessary.

The group called Israel an “apartheid state,” suggesting it deserved the attack. They even posted pictures of paragliders, which were used by Hamas to invade Israeli communities.

Now, Sen. Ted Cruz pointed out that massive corporation Coca-Cola has erased mention of Black Lives Matter on its website. While many progressive groups openly oppose Israel, American corporations are strongly against it.

American companies work in Israel and employ many Jewish people. They cannot afford to be associated with radical groups that appear to be siding with Hamas, Iran, and other terror networks.

Does this change on Coca-Cola’s website mean it will no longer donate to BLM? It could be the first step in corporate America ending its love affair with this anti-capitalist, Marxist group. This could inspire other companies to cut ties with BLM and other leftist organizations that are currently slandering Israel.

Source: The Post Millennial