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BREAKING: ISIS has officially claimed responsibility for the brutal terror attack in Moscow


ISIS has officially claimed responsibility for the brutal terror attack on Crocus City Hall in Moscow, marking a dark moment in the city’s history. The assault, which unfolded on Friday evening, has resulted in over at least 40 fatalities and left more than 100 people injured.

The meticulously coordinated attack saw armed assailants storming the Crocus City Hall concert venue, where they unleashed a barrage of gunfire and detonated explosives, igniting a fire that rapidly engulfed the building. Harrowing video footage circulating across media platforms showed the ensuing inferno and the massive plume of smoke that towered over the scene.

Russian state media, including outlets such as TASS and RIA Novosti, have reported that the assailants, dressed in camouflage, forced their entry into the venue and initiated the attack with automatic weapons. The chaos that followed the initial gunfire and the explosion of what appeared to be a grenade or incendiary device has been described as a scene of absolute pandemonium.

Despite the best efforts of firefighters and rescue personnel, the full extent of casualties remains uncertain.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Russian government has issued a stern condemnation, describing the act as a “monstrous crime.” Moscow’s authorities have taken immediate steps to enhance public safety, including the cancellation of all mass gatherings and the reinforcement of security measures across significant transport hubs.

The ISIS-affiliated media outlet Al-Amaq stated that the attack specifically targeted a Christian event at the shopping mall, marking the attack as a deliberate act of terror. The claim comes as the world commemorates the 5th anniversary of the fall of ISIS’s so-called Caliphate, following the Battle of Baghuz.

President Vladimir Putin has yet to issue a public statement regarding the tragedy. However, the U.S. had previously warned of potential extremist attacks targeting concerts, a chilling premonition that has now been realized with the attack on Crocus City Hall—a venue notably associated with the Miss Universe pageant hosted by Trump in 2013.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has expressed his condolences to the victims’ families, pledging to provide all necessary assistance to those affected by the incident.

On March 7, the U.S. cautioned that “extremists” might target concerts or other large events in Moscow, a warning that was connected to the attack that occurred on Friday. American officials clarified that the alert was not about potential Ukrainian sabotage. They also mentioned that the State Department would not have described actions potentially originating from Kyiv using the term “extremists.”