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California Christians Just Struck Back – They Drop a Legal Bombshell After Shock Ban


Freedom is a core foundation of every aspect of life in America. Educational freedom – the ability to learn what you want and how you want – is fundamental to the entire educational system.

Government agencies from the federal to the state to the local levels around the country have consistently attacked any organization or parent who defies what the government says is “legal” educational material. California has been one of the hotbeds of government intrusion into parents’ influence in education, especially for those who are Christians.

Now one group of Christian parents is fighting back and taking the government to court. They want their rights back and the government to leave them and their children alone. The parents are suing California schools for religious discrimination and are backed by the First Liberty law firm.

From Fox News:
“Our clients simply want to be able to choose curricula that fits their families’ needs without facing religious discrimination,” Justin Butterfield, deputy general counsel for First Liberty said.

Parents decided to sue after they were banned from including, and in one instance expelled for using, a faith-based curriculum in a publicly funded homeschooling program. California state law has become a roadblock for parents seeking religious freedom in an educational system dominated by radical leftist ideology.

“These families love their charter schools and the opportunities those schools provide for families to educate their children in a way that fits the families’ needs,” Butterfield said.

According to the complaint, when the parents complained to the schools when they weren’t allowed to use the educational material of their choice, the schools cited a state law that prohibits the teaching of “sectarian and denominational doctrine.”

That law arguably defies U.S. Supreme Court rulings that support parents’ religious freedoms. Governments cannot exclude families just because they choose to use that benefit for a religious education, according to Ethan Davis, a partner at King & Spalding, who is also leading the litigation. This is backed by a Supreme Court decision in Carson v. Makin last year.

“Religious families are entitled to the same educational benefits as everyone else,” Davis said.

This case is another example of radical educational ideologies being enshrined in laws designed to oppress and discriminate against anyone who disagrees with the government’s power. These parents deserve every opportunity to educate their children within the freedoms granted by the U.S. Constitution without interference from any level of government.

Source: Fox News