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Swing State Report Drops Crushing Report on Biden – This Could Cost Him Huge in 2024


If Joe Biden has a chance at re-election, he needs to keep all the states that sided with him in 2024. That is a much harder task than it looks, regardless of Donald Trump’s challenges. Biden’s policies are being blamed for the wide-ranging economic problems affecting Americans.

On Biden’s watch, numerous unions went on strike. Inflation has jeopardized the income of millions of working Americans. The exploding border crisis means companies will hire migrants instead of Americans.

But one particular strike could spoil Biden’s plans in a critical blue/swing state. This strike is exposing one of Biden’s top priorities as a possible threat to American success. And now, a new poll could spell Biden’s doom.

From The Post Millennial:
President Biden’s electric vehicle mandate may cost him reelection in 2024, with the CEO of Ford Motor Company slamming it as “political football” as new surveys reveal that members of the United Auto Workers union are pulling their support for Biden…

A recent statewide survey in Michigan, a swing state that Biden won in 2020, shows that union auto workers have flipped their support for Biden to Trump with polls revealing that 46 percent said they will support Trump in 2024, while 43 percent are in favor of Biden.

The United Auto Workers union went on strike for the first time this year. One of the complaints made by workers is that electric vehicles–being pushed aggressively by President Biden–are costing auto workers their jobs.

EVs require fewer workers to assemble. It is possible that car makers are eager to switch to EVs, to reduce their workforce. This has been a major concern for auto workers. And it seems they are blaming Biden for this problem.

In a recent Michigan poll, union auto workers are turning away from Biden. According to the numbers, 46% said they support Trump–who has vowed to save their jobs–versus only 43% who support Biden.

This is a big problem for the Biden campaign. Democrats have long relied on union workers to sustain them. Liberals have always promised to defend unions, no matter what. In turn, unions have been doggedly devoted to Democrats.

For this many union workers to break from Biden to back a Republican candidate is alarming. Biden’s environmental agenda does not seem to square with his long-time claims of supporting the UAW. Unless he is able to turn things around, he might see more workers turning on him.

But that might require Biden pumping the breaks on his green agenda and spending plans. Which, of course, would outrage the progressive left and his rabid environmentalist supporters. Either way, Biden might lose two major pillars of his re-election plan.

Source: The Post Millennial