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Elon Musk Sets Dem Rep Cori Bush Straight With Embarrassing Fact Check After She Spread Debunked Lie


Elon Musk’s new community notes system at Twitter just set Dem Rep Cori Bush straight with an embarrassing fact check everyone in the USA needs to see after Bush pushed a debunked lie about the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri.

She said: “Today is the 9th anniversary of Mike Brown’s killing. He would be alive today if the institutions of racism and white supremacy were eradicated. He should be alive today. We will never forget. We will continue to fight for justice and accountability.”

Enter Twitter’s Community Notes: “The US DOJ concluded, based on the available evidence, that officer Darren Wilson acted lawfully and that the evidence and witness statements do not corroborate allegations of any wrongdoing in this case.”

“This only goes to show how the Left plays the long game,” Matt Walsh said.

“The whole Michael Brown narrative has been definitively exposed as a hoax but they will keep repeating it year after year after year until we get tired of correcting it and the truth is forgotten by history.”

“He choked a bodega owner in the act of shoplifting and attempted to assault the responding police officer while grabbing his firearm,” Stephen L. Miller said. 

“Eric Holder’s justice department cleared the officer of any wrongdoing.”

Bush got more bad news when she was hit with an ethics complaint for misusing taxpayer-funded government resources for campaign fundraising.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust filed the complaint against Bush with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Kendra Arnold, FACT executive director, said, “Rep. Bush’s abuse of official resources for political purposes shows a flagrant disregard for the law.

“These laws and ethics rules are in place to maintain the integrity of official proceedings, so members cannot leverage them for political advantage.

 “The violation we have documented in our complaint is clear and obvious, and after confirming through investigation, we hope the OCE moves swiftly to impose the proper penalty.

“Bush disrupted official House proceedings with outrageous and unprofessional behavior and then campaigned and fundraised off of it.

“There are no facts that can excuse it—Bush used official House proceedings and resources for political purposes.

“Video of official house floor proceedings is an official resource, and both using it for political purposes and posting it on a campaign social media account are violations of the ethics rules,” the complaint said..

“The fact that Bush uses this video on her campaign social media account and directly fundraises off of it shows a complete disrespect for the law,” FACT’s complaint said.