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WATCH As Dad Goes On FOX News Fights Critical Race Theory Indoctrination And Gets BANNED From His Twin Daughters Graduation


Everyone should be fighting Critical Race Theory being taught to children from pre-schools on up!  It is nothing more than psychological child abuse that teaches children to hate the color of their skin as well as other white people.

The Blunt Truth is, it is in itself racism and while some adults are awake to the indoctrination, children are extremely vulnerable to indoctrination which is exactly why they CHOSE to force racism down their throats.

Fox News reports that Shawn McBreairty, a parent of twin girls in Maine who has clashed with school officials for the last year over their district’s curriculum, said he was banned from their graduation over objections to critical race theory (CRT) being taught in their school, telling “The Faulkner Focus” on Tuesday that “we need education, not indoctrination.” 

McBreairty said his daughters are enrolled in MSAD #51, which serves the communities of Cumberland and North Yarmouth, and communicated with school officials only through email as, he said, they would not meet with him regarding his concerns.

 “I can’t speak for Martin Luther King Jr., but I think he’d be extremely ashamed of what this administration is doing,” McBreairty said.  “They’re teaching young kids as young as kindergarten to essentially hate their white skin.” 

“And frankly I was brought up as the content of your character is the biggest piece, it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is,” he added.

This dad needs to be applauded for having the backbone to stand up and do the right thing!  He and others are leading the way and the rest of the nation needs to wake up and do the same!  Regardless of ones race and color of their skin, NOBODY should ever want racism and hate to be indoctrinated into our youth!

For those who think that indoctrinating our children as well as pushing critical race theory is a good idea, they are nothing but evil scumbags who thrive on hate and division and they need to be held accountable.

Fox News continued:

McBreairty told host Harris Faulkner on Tuesday that he has been pushing back against his daughters’ school district for allegedly sending the community “an equity letter” following the murder of George Floyd, which he said “basically called us all white supremacists in Cumberland, North Yarmouth.” He noted that he came across the letter almost exactly one year ago and called the past year one of “frustration.” 

“We call for justice for George Floyd and for the many other Black lives that have been taken by white supremacy in our nation,” the Press Herald reported the letter from the equity leadership steering committee said. “It is our duty to educate ourselves and dismantle the violent and oppressive structures which have kept us divided.”


McBreairty told Faulkner he responded in a letter to the superintendent sounding off on the language used in the community message.

“The woke mob, the trolls, they go after everybody,” he said. “I got pushed and I pushed back pretty hard.” 

McBreairty, reportedly has a criminal trespass order against him, which prohibits him from entering or remaining on the property of all schools and properties in the school district unless he has permission from the superintendent.

MSAD 51 Superintendent Jeff Porter did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment, but the Press Herald reported he said McBreairty was never banned from attending graduation, just from being on campus and could request to attend school events on a case-by-case basis.

The time to push back is now and do not let up until this trash is eradicated from not only our school systems but our nation.  Critical Race Theory is nothing more than indoctrination of hate and racism that is meant to create a huge division in our nation.

We are all human, we all bleed red and we all are human and that is what is supposed to bring us together, not divide us.

The damn truth is people should hold others accountable by a persons actions and not the skin color or race.  A good person is selfless and their actions are for the betterment of humanity and an evil person is selfish and what they do is for themselves regardless of who it hurts.  ITS THAT DAMN SIMPLE!

Fox News continued:

McBreairty asked to attend graduation and Porter granted approval last week, the outlet reported, citing a statement issued by district officials Thursday night. Porter reportedly also told the outlet that district officials “don’t want him to be disruptive at his kids’ graduation.” 

The Press Herald reported that Porter said the criminal trespass order was issued after McBreairty repeatedly violated district rules and after several warnings about padlocking a sign to a school fence. He added that McBreairty had disrupted several school board meetings and had distributed flyers on the students’ desks without permission, according to the outlet.

Americans need to dig deep and find the courage to step up and put an end to the indoctrination of racism and to prevent school systems from teaching this dangerous and evil indoctrination to our children.