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Epstein Victim Makes Desperate Plea to Judge After Latest Order


Jeffrey Epstein Victim Begs Judge Not To Release Her Name

Cases related to notorious sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein have captured the interest of many across the globe.

Epstein’s crimes have left many with deep wounds, and it appears that the impending release of his contact/client list could severely impact many more.

On Monday, Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska ordered the release of the sealed documents which include the names of approximately 170 individuals connected with Epstein.

The list of names reportedly includes victims, informants, associates and clients. The release of the list has generated great interest as there have been whispers the documents include the names of celebrities and government officials.

The release of the list follows a multiyear battle in the courts. Some view Preska as a hero, while others suggest the release of the documents will put some in harm’s way.

On Thursday, the New York Post reported that one of the persons noted in documents as a victim is requesting the court to redact her name, citing safety concerns.

Previously listed in court documents as “Doe 107,” the victim states she “lives in fear,” as the scheduled document release date is only a few weeks away.

Her attorney wrote to the court: “She lives outside the United States in a culturally conservative country and lives in fear of her name being released.” Her lawyer added that releasing his client’s name would put her at “risk of physical harm.”

The court has not ruled on the request but previously stated the names of minors and certain victims will not be released as part of the 170 names noted in the about-to-be unsealed documents.

Because it was not certain if Jane Doe 107’s identity would be disclosed, her attorney contacted the court for clarification. To ensure Jane Doe 107’s identity is protected, the attorney noted that in October, the court agreed not to release the victim’s “name and any personally identifying information” due to safety concerns.

Noting that Jane Doe 107’s situation is particularly sensitive, the attorney wrote, referring to a previous victim Virginia Giuffre: “Giuffre’s and the Miami Herald’s consent to … redactions [in the release of information] is based on circumstances specific to Doe 107 and does not extend to other purported victims living in countries without the same risks of physical harm.”

Preska reportedly requested that Jane Doe 107 provide “an affidavit supporting her assertion that she faces a risk of physical harm in her country of residence and providing detail concerning the hate mail she received.”

The court’s request for information had a deadline, which Jane Doe 107 missed, reportedly due to “switching lawyers.” Her new attorney was not made aware of the late November deadline, the recent letter to the court reads.

It appears the court will extend the deadline to December 31— for Jane Doe 107 and all individuals who wish to argue why their names should be redacted.

According to cryptic court documents, Epstein’s infamous “little black book” reportedly includes several “public figures.” Notably, England’s Prince Andrew is named in the book, and he settled a multimillion suit out of court in 2022.

Following the settlement, then-Queen Elizabeth stripped Prince Andrew of his titles and royal responsibilities.

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