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House GOP Just Unveiled New Evidence – Hunter and Friends Got Even More Cash Than We Thought


How much money was Joe Biden really hiding all the years he held political influence in Washington, D.C.? Apparently Joe and the Biden clan pocketed more money than anyone expected. Where were they getting all this money and how were they hiding it?

Republicans keep pressing for details in their investigation of Biden’s corruption schemes. This week they released another damning report that exposes the Biden clan for amounts of money the average person can’t imagine.

Evidence of Biden’s money-making schemes is overwhelming at this point and any rational person can’t deny the extravagant wealth this man funneled into his operations. Still, the number is stunning as Republicans revealed the amount this week.

From Fox News:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., released a third memo Wednesday about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings, producing bank records purporting to show that Hunter Biden and his business associates received millions in payments from Russian and Kazakhstani oligarchs when his father was vice president.

The Republican memo details various bank deposits that total more than $20 million allegedly funneled from foreigners to Biden family operations.

Now that’s foreign collusion. While leftists were screaming their heads off for years about actions by Republicans, all along it was the Bidens building a bigger bank roll. Remember when Democrats blamed Donald Trump for colluding with foreigners? In reality they were expertly deflecting for the corruption within their own party.

The 19-page memo released by Comer states that when Joe Biden was vice president he met with foreigners or their representatives, made phone calls on speakerphone with his son, Hunter Biden, to foreign business associates, and dined with super wealthy foreigners who paid Hunter huge sums of money. And it was all about Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden, ‘the brand,’ was the only product the Bidens sold,” the GOP memo states.

The web of deceit and money-making weaved by Biden and his clan is astounding. Comer and the committee reveal bank deposits and meetings with Joe Biden’s influence wrapped up in the whole matter. This man has repeatedly lied about how he was involved, what he knew, and who he knew to get the money flowing to Biden bank accounts.

Republicans are pushing further with the investigation by searching for witnesses who might pinpoint how Biden “knowingly allowed his son to sell his ‘brand’ abroad. This is one brand that Republicans must work hard to expose and cancel as soon as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • House GOP leaders expose alleged bigger Biden money hauls than before.
  • Total now pushes alleged money deals into the tens of millions of dollars.
  • Biden ‘brand,’ says GOP, was the prize for super wealthy foreigners.

Source: Fox News