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KJP and Biden Stun the Nation with Shooting Response – They Both Focus on Celebrating “Transgender Day of Visibility”

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What’s Happening:

Americans continue to mourn the horrific school shooting in Nashville. It is made all the worse when you consider the shooter was a woman who “identified” as a man. This shooting raises alarms over the transgender movement, as many within it appear to be becoming militant.

But what is the White House worried about, right now? Not the welfare of Christians, who appear to be the transgender movement’s biggest target. Nope, the radical leftists in the White House are more concerned with… transgender rights.

From the Daily Wire:

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed sympathy for the trans community after a transgender person murdered six people, including three young children…

“… On a day that we should be lifting up our trans kids, our trans youth, and making sure that they feel seen, we’re seeing more and more of these hateful, hateful bills.”

Unbelievable. Jean-Pierre ignores the unacceptable school shooting, to promote and defend transgenders. She even scolds Republican states that have passed laws to protect children from the left’s dark transgender agenda.

And what does Biden have to say about all this?

From PJ Media:

Joseph R. Biden Jr. proclaimed Friday to be the Transgender Day of Visibility, complete with a presidential proclamation…

“… Today, as we celebrate transgender people, we also celebrate every American’s fundamental right to be themselves, bringing us closer to realizing America’s full promise.”

Disgusting. Biden is putting transgenders and their “rights” above victims of a terrible shooting. Neither Biden nor the clowns who run his administration bothered to stop and think that, maybe, they should cool it on the whole “transgender rhetoric” just days after a transgender murdered six people.

But they had this “day of visibility” planned in advance and God forbid this mindless administration change their plans. It doesn’t seem as if Biden cares that militant transgender activists are targeting Christians. The old man even joked about it the day after the shooting.

Where is the day of mourning for these victims, announced by the White House? You know, in the past, presidents were upset when Americans were killed. These days, the left just uses it to push their politics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden and his press secretary celebrated transgenders, days after a transgender killed children.
  • The White House defended “transgender rights” ignoring the deaths in Nashville.
  • This comes as the transgender movement grows militant and targets Christians.

Source: Daily WirePJ Media