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Legendary Guitarist Gives Unhinged Political Order – He Just Told His Fans to “Exterminate the Cockroaches”


You wouldn’t be crazy to think there is a double standard over what Republicans and Democrats can say online. For years, the media has accused Republicans of “inciting violence” against minorities and other people. They have gone as far as to censor conservatives for simply expressing their views.

But where is that level of accountability when a Democrat says something truly evil?

It seems Democrats can say whatever they want, without repercussions. Even though their comments have led to violence against Republicans in the past. From the man who shot Republican lawmakers during a baseball practice in 2017 to the recent shooter at a Christian school, violence always seems to flow one way. And now, a famed celebrity is spewing some of the ugliest hate we’ve ever seen.

From Breitbart:

Bruce Springsteen’s veteran E-Street band guitarist Steven Van Zandt issued a call to fans and supporters on social media Sunday to “Exterminate the (Republican) cockroaches.” […]

Van Zandt was then called out on Twitter by a follower for his abuse, which he quickly resumed.

He said he deleted his original anti-Republican post for a host of reasons.

Van Zandt went on an unhinged rant against Republicans, calling on “Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X” to “unite and exterminate” Republicans, which he called “cockroaches.” He deleted the original tweet, in which he called Republicans “White Supremacist scumbags.” Perhaps because, thanks to Elon Musk, this kind of hate from the left might be confronted by Twitter.

But when asked about why he deleted it, his follow-up tweet was even more shocking:

Wow. He called conservatives “Russian bots” and “MAGOTT cockroaches.” He accused more than half the country of trying to take away “women’s rights” and  preventing “Black people from voting.” He then claimed it was Republicans who “shoot some kids.”

It appears Van Zandt deleted this tweet as well, but users have kept the screenshots. It’s unclear if Twitter did in fact hit him with a penalty over these tweets–which clearly violate the social network’s rules.

Now, you might find these kinds of ugly comments coming from conservatives–but only fringe folks with three followers. You don’t see Republican celebrities, politicians, or journalists say these kinds of deranged things about Democrats. Yet daily liberals are allowed to say this.

How many unwell people have read Van Zandt’s comments and feel inspired to act on them? What if you really end up believing Republicans are white supremacists that are “shooting kids”? Maybe you’d feel compelled to hurt Republicans? Even attack them?

These kinds of tweets are allowed because they are coming from Democrats. The media never holds liberals accountable when they say these kinds of things. Entire social networks even encourage this. Yet when the next act of violence occurs, who gets the blame? Not liberals, but conservatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Famed guitarist Stevie Van Zandt called for supporters to “exterminate” Republicans.
  • He deleted the tweet, but followed up with another calling Republicans “cockroaches” and accusing them of shooting “some kids.”
  • This comes as radical leftists have committed acts of violence against Republicans, encouraged by the media.

Source: Breitbart