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Michael Cohen Makes 1 Bone-Headed Mistake – He Just Killed His Own Case Against Trump


The criminal case against Trump out of New York continues. Many have balked at the liberal judge’s treatment of the former president. He has demanded Trump attend every hearing—taking him away from the campaign trail.

Many believe this case—along with the others—is about nothing more than ruining Trump and ending his political career.

But this case might not work out as Democrats’ hope. The prosecutor’s top witness is Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer who went to jail for perjury. The state needs him if they wish to convict Trump. And Cohen might have just sabotaged their case.

From Fox News:
Michael Cohen, who is supposed to be a star witness in NY v. Trump, might have “torpedoed” the case before taking the stand by ranting about it on TikTok while fundraising, according to legal observers…

ABC News published an article Sunday declaring Cohen’s actions “could be a problem,” pointing out that Cohen has chimed in on former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker’s testimony, has regularly “railed against Trump,” has insisted the jury isn’t “bored” and can profit when followers shower him with gifts…

“It’s a problem for prosecutors because they chose to build a case on a witness with a track record of bad conduct and deep bias and, not surprisingly, he can’t help himself but continue to act in character,” McCarthy said.

In a shock to legal experts, star witness against Trump, Michael Cohen, was going onto TikTok to rant about the case. Not only did his comments possibly undermine the prosecutors’ case, but he actually tried to raise money through it.

TikTok allows followers to give “gifts” to people. Those gifts can be converted into cash. It is possible Cohen was trying to use the popularity of the case to build followers, and then get some of them to give him money.

This move might have “torpedoed” the case, according to some. The state can’t win the case without Cohen, but he supposedly violated the court’s order by reviewing trial testimony. His antics could lead the court to strike him as a witness. That will leave the state without a key witness, undermining their case.

Cohen had previously tried to throw Trump under the bus, accusing him of paying off Stormy Daniels. It turns out Cohen was the one who did that but lied about it under oath. He served time in jail and has since tried to rebuild his reputation by attacking his former boss.

Source: Fox News