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Nikki Haley Just Got America’s Attention Again – Here’s What Trump’s Last Rival Is Doing Now


Nikki Haley ran a longshot bid for the GOP presidential nomination. She had the backing of large donors who wanted someone to beat Donald Trump. While other candidates quickly dropped out, unable to best Trump, Nikki held on the longest.

Even after it was clear she could not top his delegate lead, Haley continued in the race for weeks after everyone else. Only when she was unable to win her own state, did she seem to see the writing on the wall.

By dropping out of the race, Haley ensured that Donald Trump would become the GOP nominee once again. The Republican woman was silent for some time after her campaign folded. Now, we know what is next for the failed presidential candidate.

From Fox News:
Nikki Haley, who was the final rival to former President Trump in the Republican nomination race before ending her White House bid last month, is joining a leading conservative think tank known for focusing on international affairs and national security.

Haley… is joining the Washington, D.C.-based Hudson Institute.

During her White House bid, Haley advocated a muscular U.S. foreign policy to deal with global hot spots such as the war between Russia and Ukraine and the fighting between Israel and Hamas, often offering a stark contrast with Trump’s American First agenda of keeping the nation out of international entanglements.

Haley will join the Hudson Institute, a conservative “think tank” that focuses on pushing its foreign policy in D.C. She will serve as the institute’s Walter P. Stern Chair—a role that was created in recent years.

It is common for Republicans, after leaving public office, to join “think tanks” in the Washington, D.C. area. These groups function much like lobbyists, raising money to influence policy-making in Congress.

It is unknown exactly what she will do in this role. However, Haley is known for her pro-interventionalist view of American foreign policy. She was criticized during the primaries for supporting policies that favor America’s involvement in foreign wars, something that has become increasingly unpopular among voters in recent years.

Some have called Haley a “RINO” and “neocon” as her views are similar to those of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden—who have pushed for more wars overseas.

Source: Fox News