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President Trump Says It Three Times: “This is a Military Operation!”


Everyone can make of this what they will, but President Trump just said three times in about one minute the following phrase: “This is a military operation!”

No, President Trump is not some God-figure, but I’m going to make a comparison here….

In the Bible, you often see verses where the same thing is said twice.

Why do they do that?

For emphasis.  To make sure you really get it.

I think President Trump employs the same tactic in his speeches, but since he’s kind of an overachiever he doesn’t just say it twice, he usually says it three times or more!

Take a look:

Now watch the expanded clip where he says it THREE times within 22 seconds:

“In a Short period of time, they’re going to have it ALL covered….

The Operation they Showed me is nothing less than incredible… and I’ll say this, it’s a Military Operation…

It’s a War. It’s a Military Operation.”

Who else is reading between the lines on this?

The “Pause” Vibes…

I know people will say he’s simply referring to what Texas is doing at the border.

Fair enough.

But I think these things are layered pretty deeply and I’ve always had this idea that when all of this chaos is said and done, a Super-Clip of all Trump quotes will be put together and they’ll say “See?  We told you all along!  We tried to give you as many clues as possible!”

I think that moment is coming.

In the meantime, I’ve done my best to assemble a similar “Super-Clip” of all instances where it seems pretty clear President Trump is trying to send us some messages: