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Hours After Biden Hangs Pride Flag on WH – Speaker McCarthy Fires Back with Epic Counter-Flag


It seems Joe Biden won’t be satisfied until he’s upset every last American. After tanking the U.S. economy, flooding the nation with illegals, and sending our last penny to Ukraine, he strung up a bunch of gay pride flags from the White House. He did this, even though it might be a violation of federal law.

But why should Joe start following the law at this point?

Biden has made it very clear that he is in favor of anything that threatens America’s traditions and values. But House Speaker McCarthy wasn’t going to take this gross display lying down. Just a few days after this spectacle, McCarthy celebrated Flag Day. And his response to Joe was epic.

From Breitbart:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R) on Wednesday made sure the Capitol assumed a central role in events by ordering three flags be seen proudly atop the hill.

He took to social media to publicise the move and show Flag Day could be seen at the very heart of Washington, DC.


While Joe Biden is flying the oddly designed “gay pride” flag, Speaker McCarthy is draping the Capitol with our Stars and Stripes. He celebrated Flag Day by ordering three large flags to be hung above the steps of the People’s House.

This is a clear and strong response to Biden’s violation of the US flag code. The man had the gall to hang the pride flag in the center, with American flags relegated to the sides. At this same event, transgenders exposed themselves before the assembled crowd.

It’s hard not to assume Biden’s gone full woke socialist. He seems to have completely rejected the values that unite Americans. Instead, it’s his way or the highway. Anyone who opposes Biden’s radical agenda is brandished as a “threat to democracy.”

He’ll probably put McCarthy on that list after this Flag Day move. I’m sure if Pelosi was still speaker, she would have forgotten to hang the American Flag at all. She’d probably put up a BLM flag, a gay pride flag, and maybe even an Antifa flag.

Good thing we have a Speaker who wants to honor the American Flag.

Key Takeaways:

  • Speaker McCarthy hung three large U.S. Flags from the Capitol to honor Flag Day.
  • This comes days after Biden hung a gay pride flag from the White House.

Source: Breitbart