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Top FBI Expert Breaks Trump Case Wide Open – Brock Claims the Affidavit Shows There Is No Case Against Donald


The liberal media had a field day after the FBI raided Trump’s home. They crowed that the politicized agency “must” have had good reason to raid his home–forgetting everything the left’s done to Trump.

But the warrant against 45 was released, as were portions of the affidavit. And a top FBI expert is dumping cold water on this latest Democrat, anti-Trump scheme.

From The Hill:

A criminal violation of those statutes only exists if it can be established that the person being investigated was not authorized to possess, store, transfer or copy those documents. This is an easy element to establish against anyone in America. Except one person…

The reason is that, as president, he had broad, legally intimidating authority, established by law and court determinations, to declassify any and all documents and to determine what is and is not a presidential record.

Kevin R. Brock, former assistant director of the FBI, explained in great detail why the agency doesn’t have a case against Trump.

After studying the warrant and redacted affidavit, he broke down the situation. He says that the probable cause listed in the affidavit only mentions “half of what is needed to show a possible violation of the federal statutes that are cited in the warrant.”

That is, that Trump was in possession of classified documents. We all knew that was true from the beginning.

However, Brock explains that isn’t enough to indict Trump. Because the FBI has to prove Trump was not authorized to have those documents.

And that’s the left’s big problem. Donald Trump, while president, had full authority to view and declassify these documents.

And his team has made it very clear that every document at Mar-a-Largo had been declassified by Trump while in office.

So… there are no grounds on which Biden’s DOJ can prosecute Trump over this, are there?

Not that most Americans are buying the FBI’s claims. Trump was working with the National Archives for months, handing over these documents when asked.

This raid was totally out of the ordinary, just before critical elections (in which Trump was endorsing candidates).

It’s even possible the left timed this to undermine Trump’s endorsement of Liz Cheney’s rival–not to mention other candidates he backed this August.

Or, as many suspect, this raid was just for Biden’s DOJ to get their hands on documents unrelated to the search. The raid was held a day before Trump was to testify in New York’s case against him.

This sounds so much like other attacks by the left against Trump. A wildly overhyped accusation that is hard to prove–all so Americans believe the left’s narrative against him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former top FBI official says the agency has no case against Trump.
  • Brock revealed that Trump had authority to declassify documents at Mar-a-Largo.
  • The FBI has failed to prove, with warrant and affidavit, that Trump broke the law.

Source: The Hill