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After Democrat Orders Media to Lie About Trump – He Gets a Brutal Dose of Karma


Radical leftist politicians are so afraid of former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election that they are now openly twisting his words and taking things out of context. If you saw any of President Biden’s eye-opening State of the Union address, you saw him multiple times take Trump out of context to make his point.

Democrats believe they can get away with the lies because the leftist national media jumps on board with anything that comes out of the mouths of liberal politicians. Democrats have become even more brazen in their attacks on Trump because they know the media will defend them no matter what.

One Democrat gave direct instructions to the media to lie about Trump. Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) gave the media its orders from the D.C. elite, but he didn’t expect what would happen next.

From Blaze Media:
“Headline writers: Don’t outsmart yourself. Just do ‘Trump Promises Bloodbath if he Doesn’t Win Election,’” Schatz wrote on social media.

Over the weekend, Democrats and the legacy media promoted an outright lie about Trump because he used the word “bloodbath” at a campaign rally in Ohio. They claimed Trump was threatening political violence if he loses the election.

But it’s all a frenzied hoax fueled by leftists’ hatred at Trump and politicians seizing an obscure opportunity to fire up media anti-Trump news coverage. Trump used the word “bloodbath” in reference to an economic threat against U.S. automakers.

Trump’s speech was not a call for violence. The direction from Schatz for the media was a chilling example of a sitting lawmaker influencing news coverage during a highly contested presidential election.

The rabid media coverage showed how this hoax was created in real time. Rational people quickly denounced Schatz’ patently false claims about Trump.

“Ironically, you’re the one trying to incite violence,” radio host Jason Rantz said.

“A U.S. Senator dictating to the corporate media the proper way to cover a story by pushing misinformation to its audience. And most of the corporate media falling right in line,” Steve Krakauer, executive producer of the “Megyn Kelly Show,” said.

Voters of all persuasions need to take note of what Schatz and his fellow Democrats are trying to do in coordination with the media. They have clearly shown that they fear Trump and will work together to promote lies to attack Trump.

Source: Blaze Media