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Swing State Approves 2 Big Election Rules – These Just Changed the Game for 2024 Voters


Most Americans remember the 2020 Election—where last-minute rule changes and “irregularities” threw the results into question. Many state election officials allowed strange changes that led some to think the election was undermined.

Some states hurried in the last few years to correct those mistakes. States like Georgia passed sweeping election integrity laws—which outraged Democrat to no end.

Now, a state that might be important in the next election just put two issues on the ballots. Voters were going to decide the fate of their November elections. And citizens just scored major wins for election integrity—in massive losses for Democrats.

From Daily Caller:
Wisconsin approved two Republican-backed election integrity ballot initiatives that would change how the battleground state runs elections ahead of November…

The swing-state voters considered one measure to ban the private funding of elections, as well as another that would crack down on which individuals can perform election-related tasks. The first and second question received 52% and 55.5% support, respectively, the AP projected at the time of writing.

Wisconsin voters passed ballot measures backed by Republicans. These measures were aimed at securing the state’s elections from possible problems. The first measure shut down “Zuckerbucks” banning private funding of elections.

The social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg infamously spent millions in 2020 to “help” states run their elections. That gave rise to speculation that the liberal billionaire was interfering in the country’s elections. Some states have already banned this kind of practice.

The other ballot measure will prevent people from carrying out election-related duties unless they are an “election official designated by law.” This could prevent activists and party advocates from interfering in ballot counting and other processes.

These measures will no doubt to attacked by Democrats. For many years, they have criticized attempts at protecting U.S. elections, claiming these rules prevent some from voting.

But Republicans have vowed their laws make it easier for Americans to vote, while making it harder for fraudsters to cheat. Requiring things like voter ID should not prevent an American from voting—but it could stop a non-citizens from illegally voting.

Preventing the likes of Zuckerberg from using their wealth to manipulate elections cannot be a bad thing for the country.

Source: Daily Caller